January 18, 2016

The exhibition of the texture database project ● Part one

I am pleased to announce my participation 
in this group exhibiton which is opening tomorrow.
The idea became reality during a program of workshops "From the Land" organized by Association Terracotta: various textures were printed on clay tablets of uniform dimensions and used as tools in the process of modeling. As a testimony to those activities, we created a photo archives of samples from nature and of objects we made using them. Working with textures from nature, besides offering a rich new tactile and visual experience, develops a sense of composition, balance, structure and graphic quality. Details from nature talk about life and growth, harmony, symmetry and balance in perpetual motion.
The exhibition at the Gallery Modulor, 
where creative people of various professions exhibit side by side with professional ceramicists, rounds up the cycle after which all the gathered textures will be returned to nature.
Over two years on this project worked 30 participants of Lidia Boševski workshops. 


Anita Puljek, Barbara Gerschbecher, Gordana Horvat, Igna Bošnjak, Irena Frantal, Jadranka Vilus, Katia Buneta, Lidia Boševski, Ljubica Busija, Nataša Ninić, Ljubica Lovrenčić, Marica Gašpar, Marina Grabar Marušić, Marita Burić Teskera, Martina Franić, Nada Benc Štuka, Narcisa Glazar, Nastia Novak, Nataša Jeletić, Ranka Radović, Renata Trifunović, Roberta Đuroković Jagodić, Romana Puljek, Sandra Nuždić, Sandra Vitez, Sanja Lovrenčić, Sanja Matovina Lulić, Tea Horvat, Victoria Vrkljan Chaffin, Višnja Arambašić, Željka Klemenčić, Zrinka Krešo