Saturday, July 05, 2014


Report from the second workshop which was held
 at Lidia Boševski atelier Owl, December 2013.

With this 2nd workshop Lidia started her project under the working title
“Database of textures from the nature”.
Lidia’s idea of a database of textures developed over a period of ten years, through intense being in nature,
 collecting various materials (bark, branches, seeds, stones, leaves), photographing, using specific fragments as tools,
 and organizing the workshop “Ceramic herbarium” in the Botanical garden in Zagreb. 

In order to bring the collected material into a meaningful whole, 
Lidia has decided to create systematically, over a longer period and with the help of the Terracotta workshop participants, 
a database that would serve as a reminder, a creative connection with nature, as inspiration and a potential collection of working tools. 

The workshop opens the database with selected stones and their graphics and is organized in three phases:
1. Creating abstract object form from clay, using a specific technique
2. Creating a print for the database and for ourselves, which can later be used as a tool/stamp
3. Object that is shaped earlier we decorate with graphics from the stone

                                                               Photo credit: Lidia Boševski