My discovery of clay as a medium started in a ceramic workshop in 2012.

There I was introduced with magnificent world of clay and its endless possibilities. 
Since then, I quitted my full time job to pursue my long-time dream of making ceramics. Currently I am developing my creative project under the small brand named "Oazo Ceramics". 
My work is entirely made by hand, each and every piece passes through my hands countless times before it's completed and ready to move on. 
I am doing only small, limited series of ceramics because I love to experiment and work on many ideas at the same time.
Also, I am not a fan of mass- produced work and I am more focused on the individuality of every piece and object. 
Every piece is inspired by the world around us, nature, living organisms and the clay itself. Clay challenges me with it's unpredictability, it's wild, technical and sometimes demands a lot of patience. I am very interested in the process and the material so I often mix my own material from various clay bodies and other organic, often recycled materials.
This is reflected in the tactile and organic feel of my work, I will often leave the surface of the clay naked to create that natural connection and tactile call between a person and the material.
It's a never-ending discovery and the constant thrill about making something unique from the mud and sharing it with people.

Handmade with ♥ in Croatia.